Did you wonder why RUSH first supported Obama over Hillary? Was RUSH blackmailed after his drug use or before?

For years the corruption in PBC, FL was bad…..  but In 2008, Epstein was arrested for soliciting an underage prostitute in Palm Beach, Florida. He pled guilty to the charges, and is currently a registered sex Pervert…   But why did he receive an unusually light sentence for his conviction, given the amount of evidence prosecutors had?   He was ONLY sentenced to 18 months in jail, but ended up doing only 13 months, which he served in a private section of the Palm Beach Jail, whose warden permitted Epstein to leave the premises for up to 16 hours at a time.  Really, Sheriff Ric are you guilty also??  Could this be what or why Obama made his “deal with Hillary and Bill to raise $2 billion or so for Clinton’s Library while he was in office?  Those speaking fees in Russia of $750,000 or those 145 million the Clinton’s got for being traitors and selling our….Oh as Hillary stated  “what difference DOES THAT MAKE!”

While he was only convicted of solicitation of a minor, Epstein is alleged to have recruited  dozens of underage girls, most of them in the Palm Beach area and then blackmailed various men for $$$$. Still Epstein has reached over two dozen out-of-court settlementswith young women who have accused him of prostituting them to his friends and clients.  Do you suppose Storny’s Porn Star lawyer will help THOSE GIRLS?   Not if he wishes to stay alive or makes a special deal with Sheriff Ric?

There are revelations of Epstein’s crimes inspired widespread and still-ongoing speculation about whether he had made these girls available to his powerful friends—and if so, how many Epstein had blackmailed?   Or was he a political novice  and Palm Beach County is THAT CORRUPT?

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