Does Gary Sininse foundation help our Vets? See

…..What does that do for your heath?  Can you eat from your garden?

Sure we can see the plants die along building and sidewalks, but what is the long term effect upon people?  Crazy?

But why is the sperm count down 60% for males in the last 40years….Yet, our government doesn’t care?  Males of course in the minority just as the big female snakes  eat several male snakes during sex…But what happened to diversity in Africa? Are white males still abe have sex and raise a family….What is happening?

Consider the British colony of Southern Rhodesia as settlers during the late-nineteenth century.. From Wikipedia,..” A steady immigration of white people continued for about the next 75 years. The white population of Zimbabwe reached a peak of about 296,000 in 1975, representing just over 8% of the population. It fell to around 120,000 in 1999 and to less than 50,000 in 2002. The white population of Zimbabwe was listed as 28,732 in the 2012 census”   So does this sound like a good place for fairness or diversity?  South Africa was once a great place blacks and whites to live, but now?  Will President Obama’s visit help shape it into a garden of Eden or just another Zimbabwe?”



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