Please disregard my previous post….I printed something that might wrongly be a provoker to a pervert lawyer…But why the fires in California?

Does the media or show biz care who started all the fires in CA?  Maybe if the slime governor would care or help; there would be less hate?  Consider what happened over a few thousand years ago!!  Sounds like today with Google, and

from Wikipedia

The population fled first to areas unaffected by the fire and then to the open fields and rural roads outside the city. Looters and arsonists were reported to have spread the flames by throwing torches or, acting in groups, to have hindered measures being made to halt or slow the progress of the flames. Tacitus surmises that some may have acted under orders or that they may simply have wanted to plunder unhindered.

Nero’s rule is usually associated with tyranny and extravagance.[5][6] Most Roman sources, such as Suetonius and Cassius Dio, offer overwhelmingly negative assessments of his personality and reign; Tacitus claims that the Roman people thought him compulsive and corrupt. Suetonius tells that many Romans believed that the Great Fire of Rome was instigated by Nero to clear the way for his planned palatial complex, the Domus Aurea.[7] According to Tacitus he was said to have seized Christians as scapegoats for the fire and burned them alive, seemingly motivated not by public justice but by personal cruelty.[8] Some modern historians question the reliability of the ancient sources on Nero’s tyrannical acts…

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