Why did President Lincoln want slave wages for Irish?

The New York City draft riots (July 13–16, 1863), known at the time as Draft Week, were violent disturbances in Lower Manhattan BY working-class discontent  Irish….. The evil slime Congress passed new laws that hurt the Irish….. Murdering Comuninist swine Lincoln drafted Irish men to fight in the ongoing American Civil War. The riots remain the largest civil and racially charged insurrection in American history, aside from the Civil War itself.  Why did lawyer Lincoln want to hurt the Common man?

But was the U.S. President Abraham Lincoln  a bigot? Sure, the  Slime on Lincoln’s staff diverted several regiments of militia and volunteer troops after the Battle of Gettysburg to control NY city. The rioters were overwhelmingly working-class men, mostly Irish or of Irish descent, who feared free black people competing for work and resented that wealthier men, who could afford to pay a $300 (equivalent to $9,157 in 2017 commutation fee to hire a substitute, were spared from the draft…..It’s very odd if you think how Dred Scott offered $300 to his Master’s wife for his freedom.  But was Ms.Irene Emerson greedy or a bigot or worse?  What the hell did we fight the Civil War for?  Why did lawyer Lincoln like Horace Greeley and Carl Marx so much?  Maybe instead of Honest Abe we should have called him lawyer bigot Abe?  But why did the Irish want to steal Abe’s Body?

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