Why does noise NOW have such bad effects?

You have heard on CNN, FOX, ETC….about the noise that hurt our diplomats…So what ‘going on?  Is this a new type of war”

for years China has had its noise problem too….but are they now using it as a war?

The Chinese authorities recently revealed new findings showing that most people in China suffer in excess levels of noise.

An official of the environmental ministry said, “It means a quarter cities go to sleep in noise. And the lack of clear definitions about who should be responsible within the government is making it harder to solve the problem.”


So what have the FBI done about this?  Just like the slime Irish man traitor Comey?  Isn’t it time we water boarded the top of the FBI?  When will the truth come out?

Or should WE LET A billionaire face book slime TO sell our private info to the Chinese?  Should a, greedy pig buck KEEPS SELLING SO HE CAN PAY OFF EVIL TRAITOR CONGRESS SLIME? OR DOES A GREEDY face book ZUCK FACE THE MUSIC?   Who made Zuck to be nobility?  Does greedy zuck care about us?  Does he care about our diplomats?  Hell no greedy slime zuck cares only about zuck….Or wouldn’t he at tried to help us rather that SCREW US?

Isn’t it time that face book and Google be broken up under Sherman Antitrust?  Or will we all be their slaves?  Reports of evil continue:

……At least 24 diplomats and family members were affected, some with damage that they may carry for years, officials testified at a Senate Foreign Relations subcommittee hearing Tuesday.

While the incidents remain a mystery, State Department officials who testified said they believe Cuba has clearer information about who is behind what they classified as “attacks” on US diplomats working on the communist-run island.

At a news conference Tuesday night in Havana, Josefina Vidal, the director general of US affairs at the Cuban Foreign Ministry, blasted the hearing.

“There is no type of evidence,” Vidal said. “There is not even evidence of what occurred, when it occurred, why it occurred, who or what was the motive. We don’t even have information or evidence that the health problems originated in Cuba.”  Some 2000 years ago the greatest Teacher replied: ” And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away from you. It is better for you to lose one of your body parts than to have your whole body go into hell.”

So why not water board Comey  and Zuck and see what lies  and apologies they make…..In the Roman days scum like Comey and Zuck would have to face a battle to the death….Isn’t that where the saying Thumbs up or down came from?  Funds from Comey’s book should go to free Irish not screw them… by Dan at freeirish.com

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